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Kresha's Successful Gastric Bypass Surgery

One-Year Later She is 119 lbs Lighter!

In this video, Kresha Artis discusses her weight loss surgery experience one year after her procedure.  Kresha had successful gastric bypass surgery that has resulted in her losing 119 lbs.  She credits much of her success to the diet and exercise-related lifestyle changes she made prior to surgery which she continued after her procedure. Kresha encourages people that are considering bariatric surgery to also make changes in how they eat and their activity level in conjuction with the surgery.  She watches what she eats and exercises regularly and the results are obvious when…

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  • Hello, I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago..I weighed 300 pounds and I lost 130..I have since then gained 20 of those pounds back..I admit that it is totally my fault..I was on my way to losing the 150 that I gained..I started back eating the wronf foods, slowed down on my owrkout plan and this is my end result..but I will tell you wakeup call has changed me..I am back to work...

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  • Hi,

    I hope you guys are doing well now.

    My gastric sleeve surgery is scheduled in coming February and feeling a bit nervous after reading this.

    If you guys need some medical advise head to as it was a great help for me too. The stories of other people are quite interesting. :)

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