Gastric Sleeve Surgery Via a Single Incision

Procedure Done Through One Small Access Point

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The Dr's program shows Tera's journey from obesity to gastric sleeve surgery.  Tera's body weight hit 233 lbs and health risks, such as diabetes, were threatening her long term health.  Concerned about obesity-related health risks and wanting to be there for her grandchildren for years to come, she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Brian Quebbemen performed the gastric sleeve procedure using the SPIDER Surgical System developed by TransEnterix. The SPIDER System allowed Dr. Quebbemen to access Tera's abdomen through one small incision that was only 1.25 inches in diameter.  The procedure removes a majority of the patient's stomach in a vertical cut and leaves a remaining sleeve-like stomach.

Tera's surgery was a success and she was up and moving comfortably two days later. She felt good and was looking forward to achieving permanent weight loss.


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