Great Expectations: Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss - What to Expect

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In this video, Dr. Steve Poplawski discusses expected weight loss amounts for patients after bariatric surgery.  Using a bell curve graph, Dr. Poplawski diagrams what the expected percentage of excess body weight loss will be and what are some of the driving factors that determine where on the curve a patient will fall.

Dr. Poplawski suggests that the average gastric bypass patient can expect to lose about 65% of her excess body weight and that the average gastric band / Lap-Band patient should see between 40% and 50% excess weight loss. He further illustrates that patients who outperform the midpoint of the bell curve will do so because they exercise, and those that achieve the greatest weight loss not only exercise, but are also diligent about how they eat.  Conversely, those that fall below the midpoint of the curve do so because they don't exercise and often follow poor dieting habits.


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