What to Do Before Bariatric Surgery

How to Prepare for Your Weight Loss Procedure

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In this video from Franciscan Saint Francis Health bariatric nurse Paula Wildridge and bariatric surgeon Dr. Jonathan Mandelbaum discuss some of the important things to do to prior to bariatric surgery. 

The first step is to get lab blood work done to see if there are any other health conditions that need to be addressed before your procedure.  If your blood work is fine then the following are some of the additional recommendations from the video:

1. Do not smoke for three months before your surgery;

2. If you're taking any aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and/or any blood thinning medicines you must discuss your prescription schedules with your surgeon as there are risks of having surgery when on these medicines;

3. Have a consultation with an internal medicine specialist;

4. If you have any heart or pulmonary conditions, you'll need to get surgical clearance from your specialists for those issues;

5. If you're taking any birth control or hormone replacement medicines you must also discuss this with your surgeon as you may be asked to stop taking those drugs two to three months before your surgery; and

6. Do not gain more than ten pounds from your initial consultation weight before your procedure, and it is recommended that you lose 10% of your body weight before your surgery to make the procedure safer and to improve the likelihood of success.


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