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Joined: 2/8/2016
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Posted: Sat, 2.13.2016 2:18 AM
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Why Gastric Bypass was not the answer for me
I had a form of the Gastric Bypass in 1984 and while I lost 120#s I knew I would never keep it off if I did not change my eating habits. But how was I to do that? I used to think that food was my problem but have since learned that food was the solution I had used to deal with life's problems. I did gain about 35% of the weight back and I continued to binge eat resulting in gas and diarrhea constantly.
Then in 2013 I found Overeaters Anonymous and learned about the solution that had helped thousands of alcoholics and other compulsive eaters like me to recover from compulsive eating. I quickly went through the steps with a recovered sponsor and I experienced a psychic change and the compulsion to compulsively overeat was lifted and food took on a position of neutrality in my life. I have been recovered for 2.5yrs now and my weight has been stable.
I am so thankful for this solution that are just a few simple steps I follow and live by and my entire life has been changed.
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Posted: Sun, 10.2.2016 3:20 PM
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similar issues here
Hi I was reading your post and its got some good advice. I think my life is out of control and that's why I have turned to food once again. Maybe I should seek some counseling to find out the root cause of my regain as well. Once yo figured out why youre overeating was it easier to lose the weight again?

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